Alleviating road safety concerns from flash flooding

The recent poor weather reminds us of the pressure roads face in times of extremely heavy rain and flash flooding. Not only does the excess water cause immediate and ongoing problems but other hidden dangers can be a major concern.


Traditional manhole covers can eventually succumb to a flood and pop out of their frames leaving them, once the water recedes, lodged in positions dangerous to vehicular traffic and in extreme cases leave voids dangerous for pedestrians too.


That’s why there has been significant interest in our innovative ‘pressure release mechanism’ covers which eradicate the problem overnight.


The SSC design ensures the hole/chamber remains covered at all times. When the flood water pressure increases, the cover automatically ‘pops up’ by a maximum of 30 mm but remains in position over the chamber. When the flood subsides it simply drops back into the frame, eliminating the risk of a vehicle running into a raised manhole.



It’s a square D400 product with a 600x600mm clear opening and can be used where there is high speed traffic, specifically for Group 4 applications as defined in the EN124:1994 standards.


The twin locking mechanism is attached to the frame allowing the cover to move up and down freely in its spring-loaded riser. The cover can only be removed by unlocking the two locks, maintaining its security and integrity.


The DS6 with pressure release system is a real game changer, especially in areas where flash flooding is a continual problem. For further information on this innovative new design, please talk our knowledgeable sales team today.


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Forecourt efficiency enhanced with use of SSC composite covers

On busy petrol forecourts, efficiency and safety are high on the priority list of operators across the globe. That’s why many are choosing Thrubeam lightweight composite manhole covers.

First and foremost, these lightweight covers address the perennial issue of constant removal and replacement of heavy metal covers causing injury and back pain to operators and tanker drivers. Not only can these covers be accessed by a single person, but the special lifting handles ensure much easier operation and prevents staff absences or personal injury claims.


Not only are the covers easy to work with but they are fully watertight and tested to EN124 standards and can have a dip cap hole in the centre which allows fast, easy inspection by operatives.


Our C250 range of products feature a water-resistant seal which is fitted to the key housing mechanism to improve the watertight capability. The seal is a back-stop facility preventing ingress of water, if the plug seal has been mislaid or lost.


Should a busy operator misplace or lose the watertight plug, the key housing seal reduces the risk of any water entering as an extra safety feature.


Our knowledgeable sales team have extensive experience in forecourt covers and can provide advice and guidance on any upcoming projects you may have.


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Modular frame innovation facilitates installation and transportation

In many instances in the past, Structural Science have been asked to supply bespoke oversize frames for larger, multi-cover openings.

Our B125 class composite covers, including our BM6045, BM6060 and BM8080 options, can be neatly slotted side by side in these frames to cover a wide variety of clear openings.

However, these types of bespoke frames can become extremely large (see image 5), cumbersome, and expensive to transport and install.

To overcome the problem, we have developed a modular frame that can be transported in sections on a pallet and then easily assembled on site.

By splitting the frame into “Corners”, “Straights” and “Supports” we can determine the right configuration for a desired clear opening and palletise the covers and frame sections required (along with fixtures).

Since we have offered this option, it has proved invaluable in simplifying the whole process, keeping costs of transport down and offering a much simpler installation on site.

For further information on these modular frames and options available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

modular frame3 modular frame3 modular frame5