Only composite covers provide the option to colour code factory access points.

Within many manufacturing plants and food production plants in particular, factory managers are looking at ways of colour coding access covers.

Using different coloured composite manhole covers, rather than the traditional metal, not only provide a lightweight, easy to open solution, but obviously helps factory personnel as they carry out inspections.

All our coloured composite covers also have the facility for watertight seals, that stops inappropriate liquids and detergents from entering sensitive chambers beneath.

In areas prone to liquid on floors and with requirement for regular washing, composite covers also offer a much higher level of safety with their non-slip surfaces prevent likely slips.

We have a range of colours and sizes available and can provide detailed help and advice on any aspect of their application, either as replacements or for new installations.

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Demand for composite covers continues to grow

Whilst the Covid pandemic may have placed a ‘brake’ on major infrastructure projects, the loosening of restrictions and the fiscal stimulus being implemented by major Governments is now likely to increasingly accelerate growth in the future.


The benefits of strong, yet lightweight composite manhole covers have been recognised for some time and they should now power forward as the logical replacement for outdated metal options.


Add to these the anti-slip properties inherent in the product and the ability to seal and lock the covers and they are really proving a winning formula for the future.


Ease of installation has also become a major factor in specifying covers and SSC not only offer a lightweight cover but also provide simple lifting handle mechanisms which allow a one-man removal and replacement facility, which not only saves on manpower but also reduces the incidence of back pain and injury, common with the manipulation of heavier metal man hole covers.


This has become one of the major factors why utility and forecourt operators around the world are fitting our Thrubeam covers.


In line with increased demand, SSC have been successful in winning business across the globe and supply covers in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Far East, China and across Europe.


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