ThruBeam is working with major utility companies around the world to supply new innovative designs of covers and to reduce the health and safety risks in fitting steel/ductile or concrete covers.

More and more companies are coming to us to help them understand the benefits of lightweight covers.

In fact they are following on from the petrol forecourt companies who 40 years ago were having the same health and safety issues with their fuel delivery drivers. Due to the weight of traditional covers, drivers had high rates of absenteeism due to back injury.

Composites solved the problems then and now ThruBeam continues to do the same for all utility sectors.

With the ever increasing demand on utility companies they are looking at ways to improve the design of covers and ThruBeam have come up with new vented covers and tethering systems as well as new look designs.

This is on top of still giving the added benefit of anti-slip, hard wearing, visual impact and lightweight.