Composite Manhole Covers Manufacturer

Leaders in innovation

ThruBeam and, by association, Structural Science Composites, draws on over 20 years of knowledge in the manufacturing and supply of composite manhole covers. We are leaders in designing and supplying these for underground access.

Composite manhole cover applications

The inherent properties of composite materials make them ideal for the manhole environment. Built on patented Thrubeam® technology, we have developed a range of generic covers suitable for pedestrian areas (B125), slow vehicular areas (C250) and heavy vehicular areas (D400). Our covers are sold under the ThruBeam brand name and provide the next generation in composite manhole covers.

In addition, ThruBeam offer a bespoke design service and can design and manufacture a composite manhole cover which meets a customer’s exact functionality, size and colour requirements.

Why ThruBeam and SSC?

Our composite manhole cover solutions offer significant benefits over covers made from steel or ductile iron and concrete.

Locks can be provided to our range of products and we can even design customer specific locks offering added security. Our C250 and D400 ranges can be supplied with watertight seals and composites also offer the ability of transmitting radio frequency waves, without interference for data logging.


At ThruBeam we are focused on manufacturing products which are environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process is a low energy consumer as our product is manufactured using a chemical exothermic reaction. Our lightweight covers typically use a third less material by weight and significantly reduce the transportation impact on the environment. ThruBeam is focused on the implementation of sustainable environmental friendly manufacturing capabilities through measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of all its products.

Health and Safety

ThruBeam and SSC is committed to providing a safe working manufacturing environment. Our covers are designed to reduce the risk of back injury when in situ fitting and removing covers. The polished slip resistance value for our cover offers protection to the general public, eliminating the risk of slipping even in wet conditions. B125 and D400 slip resistance certificates BS EN124:1994. ThruBeam composite covers are 3rd party certified to be fully compliant with European EN124:2015 standard for class B125, C250 and D400.