Manhole covers for highways

The DM6 is our rectangular offering for the D400 range with a clear opening of 600x700mm and can be used can be used in all DM400 locations according to EN124-2015 standards.

Personalisation of the covers can be added using logos. In addition the covers and frames can be made in different colours. All our composite D400 frames have a depth of 150mm, which is the minimum depth that ThruBeam recommends for D400 covers. The D400 range can be supplied with or without a lock and can be made watertight using our specifically designed seal. It can also be retrofitted.

The DM6 has a uni-directional tread pattern to improve its anti-skid properties. It can be made watertight and can be supplied with or without a lock

The Benefits of a ThruBeam composite cover over traditional covers.

  • High structural performance
  • Extended working life
  • Permanent anti-slip
  • Secure and lockable
  • Injury free removal
  • Reduced maintenance programmes
  • Sealing (optional)
  • Transparent to radio waves
  • Non-corrosive
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Client design service

The DM6 is perfect for:

  • Petrol forecourts
  • Highways

Cover Specifications

Load Rating EN124:2015 Class D400
Clear Opening 600 mm x 700 mm
External dimensions 668 mm x 768 mm
Skid resistance (wet polishes) PSRV 60
Weight 31 Kg (68.3 lbs)
Lifting points Single key housing
Tread depth Tread depth complies with EN124:2015 Class D400
Tread type Embedded aggregate
Wear indicators Two moulded
Markings Week, year and location of manufacture moulded into underside of cover. Cover size, weight on the top surface.
Corrosion / chemical resistance All component parts are resistant to chemical attack, diesel, petrol, salt and water or a combination of the above over the lifespan of the cover.  Surface discolouration is acceptable in service
Combustion properties All component parts do not support combustion. Products of combustion do not contain harmful chemicals (eg bromides).
Sealed Yes (optional – can be retro-fitted)
Vented No
Carbon footprint Low
Material Advanced fibre glass composite
Client logo Can be provided on top surface
Security features Available on request

Designs and specifications are subject to alteration, so that continuous improvement can be undertaken

Frame specification

Load Rating EN124:2015 Class D400
Clear Opening 600 mm X 700 mm
Weight 15.5 Kg (34.2 lbs)
External dimensions 800 mm x 900 mm – 150 mm Deep
Material Advanced fibre glass composite
Security Designed to accept optional bolting system
Installation See installation page

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