Modular frame innovation facilitates installation and transportation

In many instances in the past, Structural Science have been asked to supply bespoke oversize frames for larger, multi-cover openings.

Our B125 class composite covers, including our BM6045, BM6060 and BM8080 options, can be neatly slotted side by side in these frames to cover a wide variety of clear openings.

However, these types of bespoke frames can become extremely large (see image 5), cumbersome, and expensive to transport and install.

To overcome the problem, we have developed a modular frame that can be transported in sections on a pallet and then easily assembled on site.

By splitting the frame into “Corners”, “Straights” and “Supports” we can determine the right configuration for a desired clear opening and palletise the covers and frame sections required (along with fixtures).

Since we have offered this option, it has proved invaluable in simplifying the whole process, keeping costs of transport down and offering a much simpler installation on site.

For further information on these modular frames and options available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

modular frame3 modular frame3 modular frame5

Modular frame innovation facilitates installation and transportation

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